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Hypnotherapy Harrogate

Clinical Hypnotherapy - What it Can Treat

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat many issues, including:

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Clinical Hypnotherapy - How it Works

Your mind works on two levels. The uppermost level is your conscious mind, which is very rational and sensible, and is responsible for taking routine and day to day decisions, for example, what clothes to wear or what to have for dinner. Beneath, or behind, that is the unconscious (sometimes called the subconscious) mind. Your unconscious is responsible for things that you don’t really take decisions about – imagination and dreaming, emotions, and automatic functions like breathing or blinking. It also stores the ‘data bank’ of memories and information which the conscious mind uses to make its decisions.

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Be Happier, More Positive and Confident

What is needed is a way of changing what’s in the unconscious mind and that is where hypnosis comes in. Being in a hypnotic state makes it easier to access the unconscious part of your mind. It allows you to change what’s stored there, so you can be happier, more positive and more confident.

There are a number of different ways to bring about hypnosis. The method used for you will be chosen to suit your personality and ways of thinking.

When you are in hypnosis you remain in control of your own thoughts and actions. In fact, the success of hypnotherapy depends on you being willing to make different choices from those you’ve made in the past.

Hilary Irving - Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist

We all need some form of support at certain times in our life. ‘Going it alone’ and trying to make things better can be demanding. I am a highly qualified goals orientated clinical hypnotherapist and I can help you find positive solutions, helping you overcome unwanted issues in your life in a calm and confident way.

My sessions with you do not dwell on the past but concentrate on the ‘here and now’ and on your future.
My clients tell me that they look forward to our sessions and always feel focussed and in control afterwards, believing that their goals can really be achieved.

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Hypnotherapy Treatments:

Hypnotherapy treatments at The Serenity Centre in Harrogate.

Hypnotherapy - Initial Consultation

Consultation to assess your issue(s) and suitability for treatment by hypnotherapy, and explain the treatment approach to you.

Hypnotherapy - Standard/Follow-up

Typically 60 minutes. Session duration/cost may be adjusted to suit your particular requirements.

Hypnotherapy Programmes

Hypnotherapy treatment prices are developed to suit your specific needs and can also include combination therapy with massage/Reiki where appropriate.

The following programmes are available:

  • Holistic birthing
  • Weight management
  • Smoking cessation

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Hypnotherapy Treatments at The Serenity Centre in Harrogate